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Stephan Marlot - Cello
Chris Aylmer bass, Mike Cooling guit
Chris Egan sax
Rufus Rapt
I Can't Cry
Patsy Gamble Recording Time After Time After Time 200.JPG
Shane & Joe of The Hitchhoppers
Stephan Barafundle Part Three
Rufus Barafundle Bass
Dave, Rufus, Josh - New York Broads
Josh (The Mighty Ginge) Richards - Ukulele 200.JPG
Mark Goudswaard of The HitchHoppers
David - A Shropshire Lad
Space Party
Cassius Frazer
Paul Boniface
Cas at The Fleece
Mike & Cas at The Fleece
Space Band
Casimir Greenfield at The Fleece.jpg
A Twist Of Time
Cas Up Close
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