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Back on the road again.

With the new album simmering in the slipstream of sessions of inspirtational work, the time has come to take to the road again.

We're calling this the 'Slow Poison' tour.

We're beginning with a handful of low-key showcase concerts. Saint Andrews day saw us performing at the prestigious Convent Club in Woodchester.

Dave Ireland and Mike Cooling are the core of Casimir Greenfield, Dave writing the material and Mike producing the recordings.

We presented a seven song set featuring five of the pieces from 'Poison Pen' and two from Dave's 'A Twist Of Time' CD. A number of the songs recieved their first airing at The Convent and the response was both moving and heartwarming. Dave's signature style are songs with a story, a twist, a lyrical kick and a beat to stomp to. A good time was had by one and all.

David In Flight.JPG

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