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We're into the third week of January and the year is promising to blossom into a stange and beautiful place.

Ragged Moon Studios has been the scene for a series of intense meetings and sessions about the projected new single and video spearheading the forthcoming album. The song is 'Immortals'.

We've pulled the existing track to pieces and taken it right back to basics which is no more than my boot stomping, my acoustic Tanglewood Dreadnought and the guide vocal. Together with producer Mike Cooling we are rebuilding the track with more attention to detail than ever before. We recorded the song mere hours after I wrote it, so the energy levels we created on that very first day are all over the track and we intend to keep that energy level high.

'Immortals' has powerful lyrics and a strong, anthemic melody and we are taking it in a number of directions. These will include the acoustic stomp we began with, a dance version and a chamber ensemble piece. We also plan to invite remixers to take on the track to see where it can lead.

We spoke to a rising film director about the video and the creative meeting gave us a very strong storyline to work with that draws in my work as an author and ties both book and song together. The video will be a thought provoking work.

I'm pulling together all of my social media outlets so that we have a single voice sending out the new ideas and progress.

I am on a creative high again and the new songs are pouring out. Some for the live stage, some for other artists. My Alvarez baritone guitar has been more inspiration than I could have ever imagined.

Please get in touch if you have any questions for me or the team. Love and Peace.

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