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Inspiration Strikes Again!

My fabulous Alvarez Baritone guitar has been an inspiration since I first tried it out way back in December. I reserved the beast after a sleepless night thinking about the deep rich tone and started saving...

It turned up on Christmas Day, courtesy of Sandra and our youngest son, Ruben as my star present. OMG!

Since then, in between running the show we have and my novel stuff I have managed to write and complete around a dozen new songs. Good, solid meaningful mature songs that I am actually quite proud of. Enough for a killer acoustic album.

There is depth in the new collection and with my singing voice pitched five tones lower thanks to the Alvarez, a new sound is emerging and I like itI

I'll be posting snippets from time to time, but meanwhile we're recording the last tracks for the new single scheduled for an early summer release (prevailing winds willing...)

My new creative drive has now produced thrity good songs to perform live, so these new pieces will get an outing soon. I will keep you posted.

David - Weeooh! 200.JPG

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