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Immortals: The End Is Nigh...

March 1st will see the final recording session for 'Immortals'.

I'll be locked in the Ragged Moon Studios vocal booth for the entire day, focussed on the main vocal track for the forthcoming single.

Mike Cooling will be cracking the whip and we'll nail the vocal that will pull the piece together.

'Immortals' has become a pivotal track with, for me, an unexpected response across the generations. Somthing about it does seem to speak to the listener. I wrote the song in a time of uncertainty, a time remeniscent of a moment in my childhood when the world seemed about to enter a nuclear war. I was scared then and I'm scared now. Yes, with world events thrust into our heads at every turn, I think I'm more than a little nervous...

So, Immortals is a song about celebrating the good things we've had, that we have and that we will have. The human sprit is a powerful force - love might still be able to conquer if we let it.

Have a listen to the songwriting demo on the home page and see what you think.

Immortals Page.jpg

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