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First the good news...

Producer Mike and I convened for a final mixdown of 'Immortals', the new single from the forthcoming album 'Boy In The Attic' last Wednesday evening.

Cliche time. 'Do you want to hear the good or the bad news?'

I went for the bad.

'We need new vocals on the track...'

And the good?

'er, um...'

Well, the bad wasn't so bad. The vocal booth was already set up, right height, lyrics printed in I went. It worked. Really well. Four takes later and we had the right vocal in the bag.

And then the magic started to work.

Close to midnight and we had the right mix. Everything where it should be - it sounds awesome.

I realised that we were recording on the first anniversary of writing the song. 'The last cold day of winter' in the lyrics. It is a song of hope in scary times.

We're shooting the video after Easter, release date sometime later.

So, ultimately the good news is that we're on track - the album sounds amazing - eleven songs at the last count (from the shortlisted twenty), artwork is ready, rehearsals are underway.

Watch this space!

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