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Lights! Positions! Action!

Tuesday saw us heading for Ragged Moon for a late night video shoot. My director is an internationally acclaimed artist and the remit was complete artistic freedom for him.

After being involved in every aspect of the minutiae of writing and recording the album as a project and the single in particular, I was happy to fall back into someone elses's arms, so to speak, and let them catch my fall.

Identies have been cloaked to protect the innocent at this stage, but suffice to say that after the initial set-up and still shots I knew this was where I wanted to be. I wanted to be the cool dude in the stills...

Hey, I AM the cool dude in the stills!

The process was nothing short of professional - the director knew what he wanted, his assistant was there to facilitate (the director was struggleing after an incident which left him walking with the aid of a stick - so he needed some help...)

Me? I did a three hour gig, lip synching the song repeatedly, three costume changes, two scene changes, bleeding fingertips, cracked nails - literally blood, sweat and tears!

I resisted the temptation to look at the footage, but I did catch a glimpse of cool dude throwing interesting shapes. This is gonna be a good one.

I've just had a couple of stills here goes

ps - I get to keep the outfits...

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