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West Country Boy

This is tricky. The new album is not out yet, but I've already written the next. Sixteen strong songs all raring to go. Rattlesnake Jar, Average Joe, Someone Else's Hands, Northern Star, Snake Island Girls and more...

I blame it on my new Alvarez Baritone Guitar. The damn thing has been so inspiring that the new tunes just shimmered into existence.

Soooo...I'm considering a pared down inbetweener - a simple songbook style album that can be recorded with the minimum of fuss.

Q. What if 'Boy In The Attic' takes off?

Q. What if 'Immortals' is a hit?

There are mor Qs than As, so somtimes you just gotta go with the flow.

You'll probably only ever read this if there is a modicum of success, so I can just let my thoughts ramble a little...

The songs are the most important thing, though - and these new ones are aching to be heard...

Check out CasimirGreenfieldMedia on Instagram for snippets and goodies...


Cracking like the frosting on a birthday cake,

Shaking in my skin like an old earthquake

Wish I had a choice, but it's how things are

Shaking all the sweeties in my Rattlesnake Jar

copyright 2015 Double Infinity Publications/Casimir Greenfield

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