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Secret Songs

Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I'm back in the studio tonight to record a new set of songs. I just can't help myself. This will be a simple acoustic set of around a dozen new tunes that are bursting to get out. If there's a sonic reference, then I'm thinking Beggars Banquet/Let It Bleed era Stones, if it's lyrics, then it's everything from Betjemin to Bubba Sparxxx.

Songs lined up are Rattlesnake Jar, Butterfly Wings. Snake Island Girls, Biting The Hand, Northern Star, Drowning, Hot Water Bottle, Someone Elses's Hands, I Don't Need A Hat, Average Joe plus a couple more.

I'll be strumming the old baritone tonight, filming the whole thing - for who knows where this adventure is leading...

There will be fifteen second flash videos on Instagram (casimirgreenfieldmedia if you want to have a look-see)

After spending almost three years on the forthcoming album (plus the four decades since two of the basic tracks were recorded) it will be fun to record an album of original songs in a three hour session.

Oh, what a jolly lark!

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