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Immortals: Going Global June 12

So there we have it.

Immortals will be unleashed on an unsuspecting world very soon

, complete with stylish video filmed and directed by Ruben Ireland, final cut by Ragged Moon.

So where's Cas?

'In the run up to the release of Immortals I have been on a creative high. We completed work on 'Boy In The Attic' ready for a future release and I immediately began work trialling prospective songs for the tour and the next album.'

So where's Cas?

'We took off! It's that pendulum swing thing. Venice seemed like the only place to be. The Biennale, the whole stress-free, car free, carefree lifestyle. Inspiration around every corner, gentler and quietr than our canal-bound Amsterdam home of a quarter of a century.'

So, where is Cas?

'In an amazing place. Apart from the next collection of songs, I am editing a vast young adult novel called 'Ruby Noone', preparing for an exhibition of collage work and sourcing pieces for our antique store.'

Yup, that's where Cas is!

We'll be tracking the unfolding story of 'Immortals' over the weeks to come, keeping you up to date with all things Greenfield - so check out FB, Instagram and the rest for little snippets.

Immortals Never Die!

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