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Immortals for Eurovision?

...well, probably not - we just didn't think of it. Maybe in another year's time. I did once collaborate on a song with the writer of the Dutch winning entry of 1969, Mr Frank Afolter. We worked on a track in the mid 1980s for an ecology charity single that was released to great acclaim back then.

But, back to today. We are near completion of the exciting new video that accompanies 'Immortals'. Shot and directed by Ruben Ireland, the piece promises to be a fast paced, dynamic performance based video that promises to compliment the song perfectly.

I've been putting out little 15 second blasts on Instagram (and you'll find one included here) and the response has been phenomenal, prompting feedback from both the Hip-Hop community and Nashville!

As soon as the track and the visuals go live, you'll get to hear about it here.

The album will follow shortly after and the 'Boy In The Attic' project will begin its journey out there in the real world.

Love and Peace to you all...

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