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Ten Days & Counting...

Back in the studio this evening shooting the last footage for the 'Immortals' video. Cas number one was craggy and bearded and sporting a dark blue trilby - tonight's Cas was trimmed, slimmer and in Chanel, but the tilby was the same.

Scenes included a spinning crystal ball, my gold surgeon's spectacles circa 1880 and some wild versions of 'Immortals' lip-synched with the trusty Alvarez.

Editing should be done by Thursday.

Sunday will see me performing an acoustic set at Hellen's Manor Garden Festival - dovetailing the set with my first single (1973) and the latest (2015).

A visit to my vintage store by Sarana Verlin promoting the Stroud Americana Festival. We had an intense chat about music and a session togethr is on the cards.

Callum Partidge also popped in. Callum played drums on my last album 'A Twist Of Time' and accompanied me at Womad.

So, it's ten days and counting. Imortals will be out on the 12th. Breath was held!

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