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Spin Sickness

Let's keep it real.

I'm getting sick of some of the spin that goes on in the name of this biz called music.

I'm going to let what I create speak for itself - in the end, if the music speaks to you, then job done!

Call a spade a spade. If you're a tiny company in a hick town somewhere out there - don't tell us you're the biggest effing company in the world. You'll make yourself a laughing stock!

A world tour is not two coffee shops and a half empty pub in downtonm nowhere!

And a hit album is not 43 copies sold at a boot fair!

I'm old enough and ugly enough to have been confronted with some spin doctors in my time. I've even gon along with them from time to time...

But, no more Mister Nice Cas...

As the late, great Aaron Neville sang; Tell It Like It Is!

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