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Short Stories

The creation of songs for the next album is well under way. The trials and tribulations of the past few months have added their spice and flavour, with vignettes from the past seven decades filtering through into the mix.

Working titles so far include:

Life (You'll Be The Death Of Me...)

West Country Boy

Rattlesnake Jar

Northern Star

Mill Row

Five Strawberries


Snake Island Girls

A Winter's Dream

Almost American

Battle Scarred


Blood Moon

Barefoot In The Park


Average Joe

Not all of them will make the final cut, but this little body of work is something I'm immensley proud of. It signifies a giant leap forward from my musical reinvention of a couple of years ago. The lyrics are intricate and direct and quite personal. Very little is oblique here.

There will be other stuff out there in the meantime. I'm back playing live too. A few under the radar gigs before the spring, then you'll be able to see me out and about and yes, some of the new songs will form part of the set...

Until the next time...

Love and Peace, Cas


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