Music in the Round

Always good to get back to live performing and that's something I've been in the thick of over the past few weeks. There is a group of musicians local to me that meet up once a week to showcase new numbers to their peers.

The group hovers around the twenty and the range of material is very diverse.

I turned up with my Alvarez Baritone to oohs and aahs, and with capo at the right fret I tried a couple of my newer songs and it was rewarding to revcieve both questions and comments - with my guitar style (acoustic that is) likened to the freefall playing of Jimi...

Well, I do have a certain flair...

The music played drew from a musical pool that ranged from mediavel folk to an off-beat Bowie tribute.

The closest thing to this in my experience is a life drawing group. The performance here is purely acoustic, completely unadorned - and under harsh flourescent light there is nowhere to hide...

I will be back.

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