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Another Tuesday night behind me...

Under the harsh flourescent lighting, without amplification and just one or two songs to hit the mark, the music in the round evening leaves us with nowhere to hide!

Of all the contributing artists, I'm the only one singing original material so it can get scary.

We ran the gamut from Victoria Wood songs to Porter standards, from 15th century folk songs to clippings read out from The People's Friend...

I sang four songs (was nominated by a non-contibutor) and the one that hit the mark was Change Of Heart.

I even picked up a gig at a mini-festival to be held in June.

Now - next week I might have the chance to prepare a little better. Rehearsal for this one was opening the guitar case to see if it was even in there! I scrabbled through some lyrics, left half behind, had a cough...but one out of the four songs created magic. I have to be bolder next week, try quieter songs, enjoy it more...

Stage fright? Not quite, but this approach to music is new for me - it's raw and naked...


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