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A change is gonna come...

Since joining the songwriter circle on a Tuesday evening my approach to composing has shifted slightly. With everyone present hanging on every word, those words, each and every one, have become ever more important.

My new songs, firmly acoustic based and set up for solo performance are a case in point. My song about the demise of Dylan Thomas stills the room, Blood Moon - a little homage to Cliff Edwards' oeuvre swings beautifully and my coming home song West Country Boy with its intricate guitar part and breakneck lyrics works well.

A couple of the circle have asked to preform some of my songs and the delight in hearing someone else interpreting my words and music is beyond thrilling. I've learned much about myself through these sessions.

The next album may well be recorded in a Welsh monastery on our return from Venice. Two days of getting back to the country is just what we need for this new set of pastoral songs.

Sharp contrast to 'Boy In The Attic'. All mixed and ready to go. But, I feel that my acoustic side-step is a necessary part of the process that may well precede 'Boy'.

And then there is the EDM album...

April, a rainy morning, May blossom and green shoots in the garden and I'm off to sell beautiful vintage clothes to the good folks that come through the door of Time After Time.

'Pollen Count' by me and available here: Casimir Greenfield Artworks

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