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Absolution : Rough Notes


this has become a combination of influences and references - principally Johnny Come Down To HiLo with Mack and Snake Island Girls, plus pilgrim, plus anything religious…with references from (and maybe not used) Pied Piper, a Shakespeare line, the Tramp’s Anthology and Funky Drag itself.

The song began as another anti-Trump thing - no absolution there, but has now become almost a murder ballad in the spirit of Boy In The Attic/Mack

In the end it is a Bawdy. A song about innocent, and

not so innocent dissolute youth

it becomes apparent that Circus is quite a gothic religious album, the imagery, largely from Venice, will be enhanced with new imagery from the forthcoming trip…the album should be released on Midsummer Day at Stonehenge…

The babbling below are the first thoughts, the lyrics are now complete and are a mile away from this, but here’s where the inspiration began…

You’ll have to wait for a bit for the completed lyrics and song…



You & Me Looking for Absolution

Oh the girls swing in and the boys swing by looking for mass destruction

And some pass through, and some pass out looking for a new solution

She’s a Downeast gal with a Downeast style looking for a revolution

For a dollar a time it’s worth the while looking for absolution

Oh, wake ‘er (Wake her!) oh, shake ‘er(Shake her!)

Shake that gal with the blue dress on.

Lookin for absolution

See that girl with the blue sky eyes looking for a revolution

she left me with a universe of sighs looking for new solution

She bruised my heart with her storm-cloud lies leaving me confusion

I think I need absolution

the sparrows were brighter than the peacocks here at the dawning of creation

and their dogs outran the fallow deer looking for absolution

and horses were born with eagles’ wings looking for absolution

and honey bees had lost their stings looking for absolution

The dog can’t sleep

His tail won’t wag

You sweat like a hog,

beggin’ for absolution

There are tears in the eyes (tears in the eyes) of a powerless congregation

there are trees afire (trees afire) ‘cross the Plains of Desolation

and our hopes and dreams are the bloody corpses of the Devils Institution

and he’ll hang us high and out to dry - ripping up the constitution


Them Hilo gals all dress so fine, And they ain’t got Jesus on their mind.

Johnny come down to Hilo, poor old man.

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