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Absolution : Absolutely!

As we head toward the final curtain of pre-production for The Circus Of Outrageous, it’s time for a little look back at the process.

Sometime in the dark cold months at the end of 2015 I dropped by the studio in the pharmaceuticalfactory where my solo album was being mixed and mastered.

So here we are - the engineer and me, waiting for the coffee to cool when he switched on an instrumental track he had just finished. Just for fun.

Minutes later I was in the vocal booth recording ‘Uber’ the first track to hit the speakers from what would become Kuhl. It was mad and crazy and hilarious and, well, really Kuhl!

The creativity unleashed in the ensuing months saw us recording more tracks in unusual ways and under often even more unusual circumstances.

We used cut-and-paste, acapella vocals first, a voice sample as the basis of an epic track, religion, politics, English, Dutch, Italian, Kuhl-speak…

An abandoned municipal building deep in the Forest Of Dean saw the last of the tracks recorded. The sound, once again, is epic and there is no hint of the strange surroundings (often in the dead of night) that brought the tracks to life.

Now it gets serious.

I will be in Venice in early May to complete the artwork and lettering and to compile the imagery for Circus’s follow up. (Yes, we’re already recording!)

Plus we’re crowdfunding to aim our ultimate goals with this one.

And…here’s a snippet of the last track to be recorded…


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