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Immortals: Video & Single

The official launch party was on Friday June 12th at around two at the Ragged Moon Records HQ in Stroud.

Bubbly and samosas make for a heady combination!

The press were there to capture the moment and so were most of the key player in this extraordinary project that 'Immortals' the single, and 'Boy In The Attic' has become.

The recording sessions truly span four decades. We're checcking out the Guiness Book Of Records as I write. Having unearthed a couple of two-inch master tapes from the mid 1970s, we discovered a cahce of unheard recordings, still in pristine condition. We digitized and remastered the tapes at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios and were blown away by two tracks in particular, both of which have found their way to the forthcoming album.

I re-worked lyrics, augmented the instrumentation and found myself playing and accompanying my younger self. A strange and humbling moment.

So - Immortals is out there in the world, along with the video.


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