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Cas & the Circus Of Outrageous

Circus, the erstwhile clandestine project that has been simmering in the underworld for the past year or so is crashing to a glorious conclusion.

Or beginning.

We are in the last throes of mixing twelve of the tracks for the forthcoming Kuhl album 'Circus Of Outrageous.

'Circus' is one of the most thrilling and rewarding projects I have been involved in ever.

With no agenda or expectations we somehow recorded a set of stunning pieces in the dead of night, in dark corners, under troublesome circumstances and in a world where political chaos has impacted on our lives like no other time in living memory...

From this scenario Mikey and I were able to capture short bursts of creative energy to form an album that is powerful, quiet, outspoken, unfettered, bizarre, crazy, opinionated and utterly listenable.

We have lived with the twelve tracks for a while and, although they will never feel 'normal' to us, we are to some extent used to the form Kuhl has embraced.

Kuhl has no rules. If we feel that we are becoming precious, we remind ourselves that we are Kuhl and within Kuhl anything goes.

We will be unleashing 'Circus of Outrageous' on an unsuspecting world in the last week of August.

Expect the unexpected.

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