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Cas Greenfield's 'Boy in the Attic'

It’s early February 2018 and looking out across the dawn pastures that stretch away from Kuhl Grammofonica (UK) it seems that there is a whole new world to take on and add a little love. The dogs are frisky and there are catkins on the trees along the levels and we’re preparing for a breath or two of fresh air…

Kuhl’s ‘Circus’ has been unleashed on an unsuspecting planet and the reviews so far are encouraging. Favourites (and selling well) are ‘Holy Holy Holy’ and ‘Don’t Look Down’.

Kuhl Two is in the pipeline and we’ll be encamping to the mountains of Montpellier to Kuhl Grammofonica (France) to record both the new Kuhl tracks and my long-planned acoustic album ‘West Country Boy’ - not to mention a reworked version of The Shamen’s ‘Ebenezer Goode’ for an environmental project that should be out mid-Spring 2018.

Which leaves ‘Boy In The Attic’!

It’s been a long journey. We were signed to a crumbling record company (although we didn’t know that…) and we were forced to rescue ‘Boy’ from the ashes of ineptitude.

But we did, and now ‘Boy’ is mixed, mastered and raring to go!

There are ten tracks in all. They work together well and make their presence felt in the sequence on the album. They work as stand-alone tracks too. ‘Immortals’ is the single and garnering plays around the world.

‘Boy’ was ambitious. After discovering some ‘lost’ 1978 master reels we chose two tracks to re-work. One into a completely new song, the other to enhance with strings. The new song finds its way onto ‘Boy’ with the recording session being one of the longest in pop history (probably) while the other was added to another ongoing project and didn’t make the final ten.

(The other project is a re-imagined version of my 1978 album ‘Hot As Ice’ and will be out soon.)

‘Boy’ has a strong selection covering themes as diverse as the art of writing (‘Poison Pen, Boy In The Attic) to crumbling relationships (Secret Lovers, Change Of Heart, Splinters and Sparks) to love songs (Home Made Mini, Mayflies) and the state of the world (Immortals)

The Amazon link is here: 'Boy In The Attic'

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