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The Circus is Coming To Town!

The Kuhl Kollectiv is almost ready to unleash The Circus Of Outrageous upon the world!

After eighteen months of intense and creative recording, Kuhl's 'Circus' is waiting in the wings, just dying to meet and greet.

We have filtered the hours of recordings down to a heady mix of twelve classic tracks. Each one is an entity in its own right and yet the twelve work together forming a concept album of sorts that flows organically from one piece to the next.

One day we will tell the true and poignant tale of Kuhl's beginnings, the first track that kicked it all off, the whole that swiftly became greater than sum parts, and the epic story we found ourselves telling in words and music.

There are dark, reflective moments throughout 'Circus'. Songs of the abuse of human rights, the moment of death, the decline and fall of western society, religious conflict... And yet there are also moments of hilarity. It's hard to listen to Uber without a smile. Kashablankha! does that too.

'Circus' above all else is a true reflection of how we at Kuhl feel. We had no agenda, no time scale, no pressure (apart from our own parameters) and that gave us all the freedom in the world to truly express ourselves.

Yeah - it's just pop music, so enjoy it on that level - but there is more if you care to delve deeper.

So Circus will be coming to a earphone near you on August 22nd 2017 if all goes well.

We're cinematic, funky, danceable, laughable, loveable, cool, aloof, cuddly and cerebral and about as democratic as you gan get.

The press campaign will begin soon, we'll keep you in the loop. We'll be offering our followers and fans the chance to truly engage with the Kuhl Kollectiv when we begin our crowdfunding project.

Watch this space!

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