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Immortals: an update...

We're a week or two since the release of Immortals. Midsummer Day is over my shoulder and we're looking forward to bright new days.

Immortals is gaining a good number of viewers on YouTube and the response has been fantastic. We have a couple of remixers working on the track at the moment (both from far flung reaches of the planet...) so that will be exciting to hear. Contact if you would like to join their ranks. I have a twelve minute 'Apocalyptic Spring' mix ready to go later in the year.

We played an acoustic version of Immortals on the BBC last week and included a preview of some of the album tracks. 'Not Dead Yet', 'Boy In The Attic' and 'Home Made Mini' sounded great on the old Dansette!

We had to clean up some of the lyrics for broadcast, a couple of things slipped through, but I think we escaped the Beeb's censor. (Not that my stuff is PG, but I have a fruity turn of phrase, so we cut out 'bugger', 'bitch' and a couple of other things for the sensitive listener.

Up in London next week for some more radio, but I think we'll leave things intact. They can andle it!

With an autum tour planned to coincide with the album release we are auditioning band members. Mike has located the perfect drummer - haven't met him, but I have heard some of his work - awesome!

I'm also working on a new song with the engineer of my 1977 album 'Hot As Ice'. Truly an international affair. He lives in Cambodia, records in Spain, the guitarist works from Amsterdam and here we are in the UK. The track will be out in August.

Finally, if you missed the video for Immortals (styled by Ruben Ireland, who opened a solo show in London on June 25th at the Atomica Gallery) you can find it here. Enjoy!

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