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Confronting Your Fears...

Slow Poison Proof Edition arrives at Greenfield Acres

I've had many reviews since I completed my debut novel 'Slow Poison'. On the whole, the reviews have been constructive and insightful and extraordinarily valuable. I can be quite objective and critical when it comes to my writing, but nothing compares to an outside reader interpreting ones work (or mis-interpreting in some instances...) to highlight how the piece comes across to a reader without me there to explain any anomalies. Until this coming week that is...

Two people, quite close to me - friends rather than family, have both downloaded my book and have embarked on the journey of reading my thoughts and mind in the comfort of their favourite chairs...

We meet at a songwriting group each week on a Tuesday night where we all perform in the round and delight in one anothers new songs or poems as we move through the circle at least once, mostly twice (with just a short break for tea and biscuits!)

But this week will be different. Two of the group will have entered the inner sanctum of my twisted imagination, and I am exceedingly apprehensive as to their reactions.

My book is dark. And violent. And full of sex, drugs and classical music. And murder. And other grim stuff. Oh, and profanities. Oh dearie me!

No one else at the group has the faintest notion that I even write, let alone European Noir... This is as raw as it gets.

'Slow Poison' is one of those 'Marmite' books. (For non-UK residents Marmite (or Vegemite) is a salty yeast based spread - you either love it or hate it - there is no middle ground!) The book is like that.

But why not read a few chapters and see for yourself...

All input welcome - please get in touch - I really would love to know what you think.

To read a sample, just follow the link:

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