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Boy in the Attic: All Systems Go!

All Souls Day seems like an auspicious date to complete something special. Ghosts and spectres from the past, present and future came together yesterday evening as we completed the final edit, mix and mastering of my album 'Boy in the Attic'.

The journey has been momentous, finding its roots in a lost recording from 1977, filtering through several local studios before landing, fully fledged at Ragged Moon.

Michael Cooling and I have slotted this project in and around RMs embryonic schedule that began a year or so ago. The album became a test bed of sorts, growing as the expertise and technology of the studio developed.

All of this came to fruition last evening as Mike and I sat down for one final, concentrated objective session of editing, mixing and mastering.

Of the eighteen shortlisted and recorded tracks, ten have survived.

There are always a multitude of reasons for final choices and this project was no exception. Tracks that did not make the final cut were side-lined for both musical and emotional reasons.

The final ten are right. Right for me at this point in time. The album, we feel, is a true reflection of Casimir as an artist.

The marketing team will now swing into action and the album becomes a separate entity. seeking out receptive ears and minds.

Over to you, Ragged Moon...

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