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Splinters & Sparks: Review

I published a modest edition of collected writings written between 1971 and 2016. The book is now available to download on Amazon with a print edition to follow shortly.

The collection has been well received and the first review has just been forwarded to me, courtesy of Realistic Poetry International. I would like to share it with you here.

“Poetry at its finest! A captivating classic that can never grow old.” -R. P. I.

Capturing Moments in Time

The Versatility of Poetry

Splinters and Sparks: A Collection Of Words 1971-2016, is a timeless collection of poetry that reminds us of why poetry is, and has always been world renown. Author Cas Greenfield, is a professional and skillful poet that proves to be no amateur, unafraid to show off their superior creativity and proficiency. It was obvious from point ‘A’ that we would be in for a serious treat! And sure enough, we were right!

To share a bit about our experience, we would like to begin with, Blue Remembered Hills; an enchanting rhythmic poetry romance, glistening with enthusiastic emotion. This poem uses the perfec t combination of words and i magery to help you visualize the lovebirds in the scene, “dancin g through the Valentine”, filled with enamor, as they “cast their dreams upon Blue Remembered Hills”. The Author used perfect rhymes in this classic, leaving you with a confirmation that , the light of love never dies.

Then you encounter unforgettable poems like; Life , you'll be the death of me, which is one that will steal your undivided attention after only the first few words. Contrary to the book's whimsical portraits of romance and occasional traces of nostalgia, this dire presentation gives a rather hazy and ominous vision for human beings , one in which the “s eas boil...”, and where “ you court the c harcoal cinder night of sparks...” In all truth, it was a bit unnerving to read, taking in the tempestuous origins of strife and adversity portrayed. It is a poem that takes your mind to morbidly places, metaphorically insinuating instances of suicide, and possibly even war.

On the contrary, we enjoyed reading about God, stars, and the Blood Moon, in a poem entitled; Blood Moon. A starry night and a possible case of deja vu are elaborately interwoven with endearing sentiments that reflect upon a life-long commitment. It instills a meaningful marital virtue and appreciation for life, using the tradition of the seasoned couple sitting under the luminescence of the Blood Moon, as an example.

Taking into account some mechanical and/or technical aspects of the book, the Author adroitly transitions through a diversified variety of themes and subjects, with ease, occasionally shifting from a first person's perspective and omniscient view to illustrate certain emotions from different views. Parallel to this, each poem evoked its own distinct aura...with all hues of color from the rainbow, making them catching and interesting to decipher!

There are some poems in the book that provide obvious hints as to what era the narrator grew up in, and also the time period in which the scene of the poem took place. This explains the authenticity displayed in the Author's words, which can sometimes be challenging for poets to accomplish without the necessary background or experience. Our favorites out of this particular bunch w ere; 'The day that Elvis died’ and 'T ime after Time’. The realism element each of these poems characterized was simply phenomenal.

We are pleased to say that this book exceeded the expectations of merely fulfilling ‘entertainment purposes’; as some very important societal issues, such as suicide, are placed vividly on spotlight.

The most vivid ex ample of this comes from the poem entitled; ‘ The Bridge’. It is written in a manner that allows you to literally read the thoughts of a suicidal person as they mentally prepare to jump from a bridge to end their life - and we will warn you that actually reading the words can be alarming.

Understandably, it is disturbing to imagine this moment; whether your looking from the outside, or perceiving from within. In this case, the poem never confirms if the person jumped or not. But either way, this book doesn't miss a beat!

The versatility exhibited only adds to the unique personality of each poem, in fact, many of the poems could be considered similar to lyrics of a song, producing their own beat in metric harmony with words, like the poem; 'Immortals’. A profound piece that produces a sacred mantra to shield two hearts from the threat of World War III. A section from the mantra goes:

“We are like marble We are like granite We are like air Like the sphere of a planet Like the arc of a rainbow rising upon the sky. We are immortals and immortals never die.”

As you can see, with these soundly and rhythmic verses, it won't be long before your chanting right along with the character's, committing the lines to memory!

At last, we are overjoyed to have read such a fine-quality produced work! Amongst all the attributes that we were able to point out from this book, in an entirety, the Author accomplished

several key concepts of poetry that created thoughtful; creative; historical; charming, intelligent poetry, that even occasionally possessed a unique sense of humor!

Sandra, the lucky individual this book is in dedication to, is certainly fortunate to have such a prestigious publication dedicated in her name! We are pleased to rate this generous composition 5 Stars and hope that you get a chance to read your copy, too! Bravo, Author Greenfield! This was a fantastic read and goes in the favorites.

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